Nintendo DSi Console (White)
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Nintendo DSi Console (White)

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Nintendo DSi Console (White) Description:
Discover the joys of built-in applications like Nintendo DSi Camera and Nintendo DSi Sound which allow you to play with your favourite photographs and have your personal podcasts and songs at the ready wherever you go.

Personalise your Nintendo DSi system even further by exploring the Nintendo DSi Shop where you can use Nintendo Points to purchase Nintendo DSiWare: an ever-growing selection of games and applications that make the most of the many features your Nintendo DSi has in store.
Nintendo DSi Console (White) - What's in the Box:

  • Nintendo DSi Console in White.

  • UK Pal Specification.

  • Full UK Nintendo Warranty.

  • AC Adapter

  • Battery Pack

  • DSi Stylus x 2

  • Printed materials
    Nintendo DSi Features:

  • Nintendo DSi Camera - With two cameras on board and easy-to-use tools to tailor the results to your liking, taking pictures that will surprise your friends is a snap with Nintendo DSi Camera. Play with your pictures, keep a photo diary, watch a slideshow and share your favourite snaps with your friends - wirelessly or via an SD Card. Nintendo DSi Camera features eleven different lenses and endless possibilities.

  • Nintendo DSi Sound - Record sounds with the built-in microphone and edit them to create something new altogether, or play with your favourite songs stored on an SD Card. Be amazed by what you can do with a few taps of the stylus, or just listen to a playlist or a podcast of your choice on the go. Nintendo DSi Sound offers all you need to enjoy your top tunes in ways you never imagined.

  • Nintendo DSi Online - Nintendo DSi comes with built-in wireless communication technology which lets it link up to Nintendo's free online service, Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This easy-to-set-up service lets you compete with your friends online whenever you like; all that's needed is a Wi-Fi compatible game like Mario Kart DS or Animal Crossing: Wild World. Players can connect at home through their existing wireless broadband connection, or at public Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Nintendo Wi-Fi - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection is not only free and easy, but also safe: you play with people you know by swapping Friend Codes. Plus, new voice chat technology means that in certain games, like Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, you can even talk to your competitors via the DS microphone.

  • Nintendo DSi Browser - Surf the world wide web in the palm of your hand with the Nintendo DSi Browser. The two screens and stylus control make surfing on the go a breeze.

  • Nintendo DSi Shop - Connect your Nintendo DSi to the Internet and discover what Nintendo DSiWare has to offer in the Nintendo DSi Shop.
    Nintendo DSi - Technical Details:
    Size (When closed) :
    width: 137.0 mm
    length: 74.9 mm
    height: 18.9 mm
    Weight (inc. stylus and battery):
    Stylus size: length: approx. 92 mm
    Upper Screen: 3.25 inches (diagonal), transparent reflective TFT Colour LCD. Backlit - 4 levels of brightness display.
    Touch Screen: 3.25 inches (diagonal), transparent reflective TFT Colour LCD. Backlit - 4 levels of brightness display
    Power and battery info: Rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
    Energy saving sleep mode
    AC adapter

    * Minimum brightness setting: 9-14 Hrs
    * Low brightness setting: 8-12 Hrs
    * High brightness setting: 4-6 Hrs
    * Maximum brightness setting: 3-4 Hrs

    (times may vary depending on software)
    Inputs: DS Card Slot
    SD Memory Card Slot
    AC Adapter
    Stereo Headphones/Mic