Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick (PS3)
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Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick (PS3)

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Produced in close collaboration with Capcom®, the Mad Catz Street Fighter® IV Arcade FightStick for Playstation 3 (PS3) has been created to support the game's unique button mapping and enhance game play for casual and dedicated fans alike.

"Capcom is pleased to work with Mad Catz to provide the highest quality controllers possible to the Street Fighter community," said Christian Svensson, vice president business development & strategic planning at Capcom Entertainment, Inc. "Capcom has a long history of supporting its fan base with quality content and Mad Catz Street Fighter IV peripheral controllers will astound the Street Fighter community."
Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Playstation 3 (PS3) Features:

  • The must-have for any Street Fighter IV (4) fan.

  • Japanese-style joystick & buttons.

  • 8-button layout with additional multi-speed Turbo functionality.

  • 3-way switch enables joystick to function as left or right analog stick or D-Pad.

  • Controller lock/unlock switch prevents accidental button presses.

  • Genuine arcade look and feel.

  • Licensed artwork featuring your favorite Street Fighter® characters.

  • 13ft. (4m) Cable.